Addendum To The Housing Loan Agreement Andhra Bank

In the case of loans granted through the Rs.30 Lakhs and up to advance 75.00 Lakhs, loans or certificates of any kind are not sanctioned against the yes; under the relevant sections of the Income Tax Act, resident Indians are entitled to tax deductions on the capital and interest component of the loan. A certificate of use of tax benefits is issued once a year Yes, you can pay the loan in advance. However, a down payment fee is levied if necessary. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Rate, consisting of the main component and the interest rate. You can use our EMI machine to know your monthly payment based on the amount of the loan, interest and repayment period Yes, in fact, it`s in your best interest. At the repayment level, the interest rate component will be reduced the authorization of individuals, owner, partnership, public company Cos, Private Ltd. Cos, Trust are entitled to make use of the opportunity. The latest salary certificate, form 16 or similar certificate issued by the employer/computer returns/assessment Professionals occupy a prominent place in the service sector, which accounts for a significant share of GDP. To exploit this potential segment, Andhra Bank is launching a special program called “AB PROFESSIONAL LOAN” from 30.01.2012.

Each person with a minimum gross income of Rs. 1.00 lake per year for 4 wheeler and Rs. 60,000 /- p.a for 2 Wheeler. Proof of income for the last 2 years, assisted by a diploma signed by an accountant or a person authorized to sign such certificates in the country of residence – Income tax returns/tax orders For 2 Wheelers, income should be taken at more than 60,000 R. /- p.e. 50% of the husband`s salary for calculating the authorization, provided he is a co-responsible. . For purchase/construction, repairs/renovation of home/flat credit rates can be paid in each of our stores. Alternatively, stand instructions can also be given for deducting rates from your savings account. .

Non-resident Indians with at least one year of service abroad between the age of 21 and 65 To meet all personal credit contingencies and requirements In order to meet a genuine borrower`s credit requirement for personal use.