Apartment Rental Deposit Agreement

I am afriad because other tenants, agents and landlords are the same people on the page. Can I get a deposit back? and what do I have to prepare to avoid all kinds of arguments? If the lease is terminated prematurely – and there is no clause in the TA that authorizes such termination – your deposit may be withheld. In short, the break of the lease makes you lose the deposit. Unlike security deposits, there is currently no legal obligation to protect deposits. As such, the money is usually deposited directly into the owner`s bank account and he must take appropriate steps to ensure that the money is kept safely. That`s why it`s important to have a written deposit contract. If this is not specifically mentioned in the opt-out clause, the lessor should also not be entitled to pay the surety as a means of payment for loss of income due to an empty unit. The deposit is only for the reimbursement of damages to the property. If you find that there are no other ways to resolve the problem, you can go to the Small Claims Tribunal (www.statecourts.gov.sg/SmallClaims/Pages/GeneralInformation.aspx) as a last resort. Your case would be quite difficult to resolve because the agreement was made orally, so it will be a case of his word against you.

It is preferable to have defined all the conditions of tenancy in a lease signed by the lessor, himself and a third party to protect himself. As far as your case is concerned, can I know if you have lived at least 12 months in the rented apartment, as you mentioned, is a condition that is set between you and the owner? As a surety for apartment No. at: [Property address] In Scotland, landlords cannot require a tenant to pay a security deposit (also known as “key money,” “premium” or “holding fee”) to secure a property. Landlords and landlords cannot legally require a tenant to post a deposit in addition to the first month`s rental. Requesting a deposit is illegal. Hello, Our 2-year lease was completed last September 14 (which we rented for a total of 6 years) with notice to the owners, but we had to serve another month of extension just to please the owner. But when the time came for us to collect our 2-month deposit, the LL evaluated the unit (it`s a 16-year-old building) and saw that the part of the kitchen counter (near the sink) has faded, he wants to charge us for the replacement of the entire worktop, which currently consists only of CHEAP laminate plates on particle panels. He said that no Maney would be brought back to us for this and that he would hire a professional cleaner. I really think ajust on our side as a good tenant for 6 years, despite the fact that the rental cost was too high for an empty and unreased unit. Please advise him, because we want to prove to him that this is normal wear, considering that the material they used for the kitchen plate can not even withstand normal wear for 2 years.