It was a Soft Serve Morning

Monday Morning Soft Serve

While I haven’t had ice cream in a while, my ass had chocolate soft serve in mind. My morning routine is simple. I wake up, make a latte and pop in some nicotene gum. I wake up my woman, we eat, I drink my coffee. By the time this is done I’m ready to drop off some kids at the pool. My ass was certainly giving me a preview of coming attractions. I awoke to thunderous, humid farts. You really can tell what kind of dump is coming just from the sound and smell of the preceding farts.

2 Responses to It was a Soft Serve Morning

  1. Dennis says:

    the last posting really made my stomach wanna spill its guts out, who ever you are. its a shitty way to start a day!!!

  2. sprinkles says:

    i think it’s fine work you’re doing, well done

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