Ratta Tat Tat, Where’s The T.P. At?

Ratta Tat Tat, Where's The T.P. At?

And here we have our first example of the Machine Gun Dump! They rapid fire rattle out of your ass and threaten to shake you off the seat!

This particular example came into existence around 2AM this morning and was DAMN near a Shart (think it’s a fart, but it’s shit). I was in bed ripping the most horrific of bowl bombs. The gf was ready to slit my throat! I figured best bet was to give it a solid grunt and push all the farts out in one massive rush. If I was lucky, she’s pass out from the mega-funk and stop whining so I could go to sleep. I swear I think I popped a blood vessel in my head from the strain. No luck. So I tried to “walk it out” with a stroll around the bedroom. It took one more massive lamaze class inspired push for me to realize there was more than gas at the pump.

To the throne I went and out these came. Of course I still wanted to “share the joy” with my gf so I used the downstairs bathroom which is right next to the bedroom. Hence, the black toilet. Looking at the results, I just gotta wonder why I wound up with a pile of turd-lettes and a single floating nugget. Strange.

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