Six and a half months later I FINALLY make a new post!

Well, this is it, the dump that inspired me to get off my ass and start updating this site regularly again:


I even added a new category for this one: Up Periscope. Not sure if it’s the fact that toilets are smaller here in the Philippines or if my dumps have simply gotten larger. For some reason most of my shits lately have been peeking out over the top of the water.

So, yes, for anyone that actually reading this site and for myself, I owe some words of explanation regarding my absence. It’s been more than six months since I’ve posted. There are the easy excuses.

First, the LCD screen on my camera broke. It took me a month to get another one. Then I lost the replacement a month later. Fucking idiot. So for that bonehead move I procrastinated another two months before buying my THIRD Casio digital camera in one year. It’s probably the ghost of Tadao Kashio (founder of Casio) getting even with me for using his company’s fine technology to capture every intricate detail of the product of my bowel movements.

Next there’s my frustration with not being able to get this site looking exactly the way we want it. I know the basics of HTML and even some ASP (Miroslop’s scripting language) but I know just about dick on Unix servers and PHP (the free, easy competitor of ASP). I’m a perfectionist and it gets on my last nerve when I can’t get something to look or function the way I want it to. Of course, this is a pretty weak excuse for neglecting this site. I do run a company with dozens of programmers and designers at my disposal. Why didn’t I use them? Read on to the biggest and best reason I have for taking so long to get back to this fine site.

I run the SickSiteNetwork which is a network of entertainment websites that primarily focus on what’s now being called “viral content” which is simply all the pics, vids, audio files, text, and games that people email around to one another. With the help of my two partners in the business, I’ve built this thing into a company employing over seventy people, running eleven websites, and generating over 77,000,000 visits a month. I am responsible for running all this. I’m responsible for making sure we’ve got enough money to pay all these employees and that is the most important responsibility of my life. This company is my life. As such, I’ve neglected because it’s not as important to me as my company. Plain and simple.

So why am I finally posting again? What changed? Heh, try just about everything. For the past month and a half I’ve been engaged in moving my entire life (including my gf and my fifteen pound cat) from San Diego, CA to Manila, Philippines. It’s been a hell of an adventure. Because I landed a SUPER-sweet condo here in Manila (I’ll post pix soon) which is fully furnished I decided to sell all my shit. Literally EVERYTHING. I sold my car, my motorcycle, all my furniture, everything. It was time consuming but turned out to be very easy. I put a quick site together ( and listed all my shit on craigslist with links to the site. Why did I move to Manila? Well of those seventy plus people working for my company, only like 3 of them are in the USA. Everyone else is over here. For the last two years I’ve been running my company remotely over IM and email with a sixteen hour time difference. Every year I’d make four to six trips over to Manila and spend roughly five to six months out of the year here. The travel was KILLING me! It’s pretty much a 24 hour trip each way with layovers and airport security. Also I wasn’t a very effective head honcho because of the time difference, the challenge of communicating effectively, and the time gobbled up by travel and recovery from all manner of sickness picked up in Manila (no STD, but food regular food poisoning and flu).

So yeah, I’ve finished my huge move and gotten caught up. Honestly I’ve never been happier. I’ve got the woman I love living with me here. I’ve got my morbidly obese cat here. I wake up every morning to my assistant handing me Starbucks, shower in my bedroom sized bathroom, and walk one block to my office. I wrote a killer article about how incredibly spoiled I’m getting living over here for our email newsletter. You can scope it out here; it really is a good read.

The one thing I did do during my six month hiatus from poop-posting was continue to take pictures (when I had a camera) of my most worthy productions. So to make up for being gone so long I’ll be posting two or three dumps every time I make a post. Since, I make the new Up Periscope category how about a couple of great examples?


To prep for getting going on posting again I went through ALL my pictures, going back years. I found this little jewel in some pix from when I was living in Atlanta, before I moved to San Diego, before I moved to Manila. I’m kinda bummed that the “tail” of this fucker fell back into the bowl. If it hadn’t it would have been a solid six inches above the waterline which would probably be a record. What’s with the three little nuggets that make like a perfect triangle?


And here’s another one from the golden-oldies section. I actually birthed this baby three years ago! Not as impressive as the others but still it breaks above the water which is the minimum requirement to make it into the Up Periscope category.

Aight, so this is the most time I’ve spent posting in six months so I’m kinda worn out. Before I call it day I want to thank someone, tell you about another site I’ll be starting this month, and let you know what improvements to expect for over the next few weeks. First up, I want to thank a new friend we’ve made here in Manila. Her name is Kay and she’s dating a buddy of mine here. My buddy mentioned that I ran a site all about my poo and turns out she loves the site. Course I shouldn’t have been too surprised, she’s from Japan. Heh, sorry Kay but Japanese and Germans have a very, um, “playful” attitude toward turds. Scat anyone? Regardless, she’s a cool chick, she’s a fan of this site, and she’s been nagging me to update. It probably would have taken me another month to get going again if it wasn’t for her encouragement so much love to ya Kay!


This is a pic from a killer wine-tasting event we went to here in Manila. On the left is my gf Shey. On the right is Kay. In the middle is Rachelle who’s from Hawaii and we met through Kay.

So since I am here with all my programmers and designers I’m finally going to get them to do some work for me on the side (and yes, pay them extra). I’ll finally get up and running which will by my main personal site and will most likely center on showing off pix of all the craziness that happens over here (hookers, parties, running gunfights in the streets, strange cultural stuff I run into). For I’ll get the layout looking right throughout the site and get automated submissions up and running. Heh, you fuckers will get to share your dumps! So that’s it, I feel I’ve repented properly for ignoring this site for so long!

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