DailyDumps.com Rides Again!

What?  A year and a half between posts is too long?  Yeah, I know, I suck.  SO MUCH has happened in the past year an a half.  Finally got my shit together (heh) enough to start posting here again.  More importantly I got a couple buddies who are going to be posting and managing the site so folks can expect posts to be MUCH more frequent.

Spackled Bowl - Welcome Back!

So figured I’d start posting again with a fluffy dump.  Yes, not much has changed in the last year and a half as far as what I’m putting in the bowl.  Notice the spackled bowl.  Comes from an all day shit-storm.  My ass still hasn’t adjusted to Filipino food!

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  1. Kay says:

    Nice to see that DD is back and runnin’ again.

    I rike your poops!

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