Dropping Bombs on a Golf Course

So a couple weeks ago my friends Rick and Ryan came into town.  We went up to Angeles to play some golf.  For a 3rd world country the fuckchops running the course were SO FUCKING full of themselves.  First they charged $175 per person to play.  I’ve got employees here I pay less than that for a full month!  Then after ass-raping us for that much money they get pissy about the fact that I don’t have socks.  They say I have to buy socks from them.  I’m like “after $175 I’ll wear whatever the fuck I want”.  I eventually put two shopping bags on my feet and stuff them in my shoes.

So we start off pissed off.  I then make the grave mistake of admitting to Rick that I’d never shot-gunned a beer before.  From that point forward we’re shotgunning after EVERY whole.  Here’s the results:

Ryan Takes A Swing
Yes, he’s taking a swing from a rock.  Of course with this type of rowdiness we were the last ones on the course.  As such at 5PM when I had to take a dump I discovered all the pissers were locked!  Like I held this massive hangover dump as I ran across two holes to get to the bathroom only to find they’d fucking locked up early.  4 people spend more than the average family makes in six months on golf and they can’t even leave the shitter unlocked for us?!?!?  Well, here was my answer:
Sidewalk Dump
I particularly like the spray of piss.  Heh.  Somehow I wound up with a hangover turd sandwiched between a normal/healthy turd:
Sidewalk Dump 2

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