Excercise: good for your body, bad for your ass

The last time I tried working out the results were disastrous.  Wound up with the grossest post on this site.

So I was a bit worried about starting to get in shape again.  But the woman has been going to the gym and/or jogging regularly.  Can’t have her outlasting me in the sack so I’ve really been putting in the effort lately.  I got up at 5 fucking AM this morning and went jogging.  I was feeling pretty good until I got home.  Then all hell broke lose in my ass.  I managed to drag my ass to work and the situation didn’t improve much!  Check out the first two in the gallery below.  Yuck!  The other two I threw in as I had them on the “fresh dumps” folder on my PC and I’m not sure if I’d posted them or not yet.

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