Hallelujah! Healthy Loaf!

I don’t know what’s been going on with my body lately but something hasn’t been right. Until today it had been over a week since I dropped a nice normal loaf. Could be I’ve been working too much. Could be the weekly drunken whore mongering. Could be all the funky Filipino food I’ve been eating. Whatever it was it has FINALLY passed (heh, literally):

Finally Healthy!

Now that I’m back to “normal” I get to focus on getting shit done instead of what kind of shitting I’m doing. Been helping my woman get her free hentai porn blog up and running over at ToonBang.com. Also I’m stoked that we got a huge honkin Publisher on our Free Ad Rotation Solution: www.efukt.com is up on MadisonAvenue.com!

K, now that I’ve added an SEO optimized post plugging all my shit, heh, I’ll give back to you readers. I’m gonna be so busy in the next couple weeks not sure how much I’ll be able to post. That said I’ve got another addition to the DailyDumps.com team. Buddy of mine named Brian who lives over here in Manila, is from Seattle, and is a truly sick fuck will start posting soon!

UPDATE – 6 Hours Later:

Damn guess it wasn’t to last long:

Spoke Too Soon!

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