Hershey Squirts, a retrospective.

So my home machine died a couple weeks ago.  Got to hot in the Philippines in the room I kept it running 24/7 in (as a media server) and the primary Western Digital 500GIG drive melted.  My MIS guy Gerald finally got it back up and running on a backup drive last week and I’ve spent the past couple days getting the system customized, apps installed and configured, and going through what media content I still had and what was lost forever.  Fortunately I only lost about a gig of the most recent pix.  The rest had been backed up recently.

I even managed to save about 30 or so pix of dumps! Yay!  Heh.  Looking thru them I realized they represent a good example of just about every category of dumps.  Seeing as how my output as of late hasn’t been very, well, varied, I figured I’d use this pic archive to every once in a while post some great examples of a particular category.

Today’s highlighted category is the terrible Hershey Squirt dumps.  Basically pissing out your ass.  When you have to grab the rim to hold yourself down and prevent lift-off, you know you ate something BAD.  The results are never good:

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