iPhone Paperweight

I love hacking things. I’m not a hacker and I don’t hack my electronics for the “joy” of making them do things they weren’t intended to do. I do, on the other hand, love figuring out how to hack stuff to make it more useful. I hacked my XBox like four years ago and it’s still the best media player tool for the living room. It’s the center of my entertainment center and I use it to listen to music, watch all the TV episodes I download from torrents, and even run slideshows of pix when friends are over partying. I bought a PSP when they came out, promptly hacked it and had FINALLY fucking Gannon’s bitch-ass on Legend of Zelda on a NES emulator.

So when the iPhone came out you might think I jumped at the chance to buy one and tweak it out. Nope. I’ve never been a mac guy but I understood the draw until the iPhone came out. With the iPhone, Apple did exactly what their fanboys bitch that MS does: sold out. They forced you to use AT&T just to get the damn thing to work and they only did it to make more money. It was stupid decision. If they kept it open and unlocked they would have sold ten times as many. Anyway, I didn’t buy one because i FUCKING HATE the idea of having to hack something JUST to make it work as it’s supposed to. The iPhone is supposed to be a PHONE. But I would have to hack the damn thing to be able to use it here in the Philippines where I live. Bullshit.

But eventually I caved in. My woman was dying for one and I knew if I got her one I’d hate not having one to play with so I did get it. As I expected it took me all of ten minutes of searching to find ZiPhone.org which has an AWESOME, free, one-click application to jailbreak (new term for unlocking) your iPhone. I can’t recommend this tool highly enough! Better yet the tool installs an app called “Installer” which has constantly updated flow of applications created by the hacker community. Some of them are fun, some of them are incredibly useful. A couple months in now I am blown away and what a GREAT fucking opportunity Apple BLEW on the iPhone. This thing is such an immensely configurable and useful tool but ONLY for the folks who have the know-how to hack them. If ANYONE could do this to their iPhone there would be 10 times more people developing for it and literally 9 out of 10 people would have one in their back pocket. Ok, enough ranting.

So I’m constantly installing new apps and trying them out. Finally after several months I thought last night I had “bricked” my iPhone. I installed a new app, restarted, and the phone never properly booted up. I knew I’d have to do the restore back to factory settings which means I’d lose all my configured apps :( Fucking lame. That’s what I hated about Windows Mobile phones: constantly having to reset/reformat/reinstall (you know, just like a windows computer). Now ONLY because APPLE is greedy I’d have to do the same fucking thing on the iPhone. If they weren’t greedy fucks their backup utility would have saved all my 3rd party apps. Fucking fucks! But where things got really scary was when the restore failed. FUCK. That meant i had a $400 paperweight because Apple has made it clear that if you don’t have an AT&T account and/or if you hacked your shit, you’re on your own. Now I got lucky. On the third attempt to restore it worked and I was able to get my phone working again.

Moral of the story: fuck Apple. When I first got the iPhone I was so impressed I started looking at Apple laptops for my next system. Now that I’ve had a iPhone brick scare I realize it’s not worth it. I alrady support one company who will fuck the user for an extra buck (Microsoft – FUCK VISTA ASSHOLES) and that’s enough. Apple you blew your chance so I will know graphically show you what I think of your company:

What I think of Apple

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