Mobile Poo and Site Improvements

Well, we finally got around to upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.  Now we can install plugins and other cool new functionality.  You’ll notice the Share links below each post now.  Please do use them!  Everyone on Facebook needs a good dump posted in their Wall!  Think of it as virtual “Upper Decker”.

One of the new tools I’m really stoked about is the NextGEN gallery tool which will allow us to post thumbnail galleries.  I get a lot of feedback from friends that they dig my writing but don’t want to be forced to look at my poo.  Yes, I have very strange friends, heh.  So now with this new tool we can post more poo but make it less in-your-face.

So after my last post about my iPhone I was thinking about the pix on it (which I did manage to save before reformatting).  I only had a few “keepers” but I figured I’d post them.  Here we have the fruits of today’s modern technology: mobile poo!  Now thanks to decent quality cameras in phones you can always capture that special log!

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