The Weekend That Was!

Damn, last weekend was rough! First I worked nights all week so my schedule was all fooked. Then my friend Ash had a “surprise” birthday party Saturday night. It was at our old condo (pix at where I hadn’t been since we moved into our new place. I’d forgotten what a perfect party pad that place was. Huge, open layout, 3rd bedroom setup as the ultimate game room with full size pool table and custom built bar. I should know, I had the bar built for me. It was very cool to hang out there and party and NOT feel responsible to make sure everyone was having fun. Call me selfish. Of course it also rocked that some chick named Sherry who had a serious set of Chesticles decided after a couple drinks that she was bi-sexual and that my chick was the best thing since sliced bread! So yeah, the party lasted long into the morning. The results in the bowl prove it:

Heh, notice my dog Stanley scoping out the work in one of the pix!

Also, heads up that we finally got the full redesign to Shey’s ToonBang Free Anime Porn Site up and running! it’s all free, it’s all great content, and you might even see Jessica Rabbit Getting Boned! In other news, wanted to thank the guys over @ They’re the first large site ever to throw us a link! Much appreciated and if anyone wants to scope out some bizarre sex head over there!

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