Sick as hell today, bad shwarma!

Man, I’m dying tonight. Think I had bad shwarma which is depressing because I love the stuff. Ten minutes after eating I started having major cramps and I felt like a jet pack was lodged in my ass because I was blowing out so much wind a couple people thought I was Iron Man trying to lift off.

Eh, all is not lost. I needed to switch to day shift anyway. Now that I’ve got to call it an early night I can get up early and make the transition. Got a buddy here in Manila who owns a few restaurants and was kind enough to open us to the formal opening event tomorrow night. Then Friday Shey (my woman) has interview with the Hotel Inter Continental to start working in their kitchen. Strange that they have to interview when she’s working for free as an internship type thing. You’d think they’d take whomever they could get. Anyway, all part of her starting culinary school in September. Yay, I’ll get even fatter!

So signing off early tonight, gotta go throw up, piss out my ass, perhaps both. And today started off so nice and healthy:

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