The Dutch Dump

Ok, first, Jason, in response to your last post, that dump should clearly fall under Fluffy Dumps. Now, on to the Dutch Dump.

So many many moons ago when I first started I hit up everyone I knew telling them I wanted folks to help post AND to submit their, um, content. Sadly no one ever submitted. Of course I’ve got plenty of pix of my poo because I’m a sick bastard. Still, I thought it would be nice to have folks submit content. Well now that I restarted posting I’m not so sure. Yes, Jason helping out and posting is great. But having to write a post about someone else’s shit, well, hmmm. Case in point: got a good buddy of mine who we hung out with Friday night and he was ranting about this horrible dump he took. He didn’t know I’d started DD back up but someone pointed it out to him so of course he sent me the pix:

Dutch Dump 1

At first I didn’t know if this was a joke. Maybe he was just mooning me / giving me the brown eye, just to fuck with me. But in the spirit of true journalism I “dug deeper” and took a closer look. Sure enough, there’s a shitlet / dingleberry hanging at the bottom of his ass crack. This is why I’m not so sure about taking submitted pix. I found myself closely analyzing a pick of a dude’s ass. Esh. Oh, but not to worry, it gets worse:

Dutch Dump 2

Seriously, come on. Is this pick about the dick or the dump? Why ruin a pick of what had the potential to be a truly disgusting dump by blocking everything with your cock? It’s not, heh. That said, he was quite proud to point out that toilets here in the Philippines apparently aren’t made for the more well endowed: “u see how my cock almost hangs into my own piss and shit? manila toilets arent made for the well hung gents”. Lovely. At least the rest of the pix he sent move from homophobic realm to the land of disgusting which I’m much more comfortable with:

Dutch Dump 3

Ok, ignore the “brain” and you can see prolly your best shot of the dump. Sorry but this is a LOT of cock and balls to put up with to see some poo! Hey, maybe our gay traffic will go up. No problem with that, it’s the best converting / easiest to monetize traffic. Gay dudes got $$$$, no problem buying porn, and rarely any kids to spend their bucks on. Anyway, back to the poo. Much like Eric Cartman from South Park it seems my friend wanted to do a few artistic shots of his dingleberry:

Dutch Dump 4
Dutch Dump 5

How, um artistic.

So where does this leave us? I’m going home to screw the hell out of my woman to reaffirm my heterosexuality. Further, I’ve now decided I’m not going to accept submissions of just pix. You want to submit some pix, you gotta write the article to go with it!

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