Today’s Letter is S!

I seem to be getting in the habit of posting on Mondays or Tuesdays.  Good news over the weekend, turns out Brian wasn’t full of shit when he said he was going to start posting.  Well, he was but not anymore judging by the pix he showed me over the weekend.  Damn.  I’ll nag him today to post this week.  I’ll nag Jason as well.  Anyone else interested in posting, hit me up at

In other news, finally got up and running with a decent design / blog instead of that shit-ass hand-coded crap I had before.  Hopefully I’ll have time to keep posting more pix.  Only problem is the woman gave that URL out to her family so I can’t post pix of craziness.  I’ve got one more domain handy that would make for a good no-holds-barred type of personal site.  Get that going next weekend.

And on to this morning’s dump.  Been a while since I dropped an alphabet soup dump.  For those not in the know these are dumps that look like letters.  To me this one looks just like a cursive “s”.

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