Working Weekend

Sorry behind on posting. Didn’t go out, didn’t party, didn’t do shit last weekend but work. Our site has desperately needed a redesign since we launched it (a year ago). The biggest hurtle was writing all the text for it. The thing is a beast so boiling all it’s features down into a few pages it way tougher than you’d think. Still, this past weekend I FINALLY did it. Literally, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I wrote. Wound up with 29 pages of text in a word doc! So yay, got that huge honking milestone out of the way.  It’ll be live by the end of the week.

Now what I’m stoked about is that I’d been using whoremongering as a motivational thing to get this done: “no more hookers till I finish re-writing MadAve!”. Well, heh, it’s all done. So I’m thinking trip to Angeles and lots of pictures to follow. I’ve steered clear of posting nudity on here so far but I’ve decided to say to hell with that. Google Ad Sense kicked me off because they thought I was (which is porn) and even though I explained how singular and plural works they decided I still wasn’t worthy. Fuckers. Heh, actually had something to do with why I started Google’s missing out on a lot of money by being so fucking picky!

Also new feature, scope out the Chat Box over on the left column.  Feel free to leave a post.

So yeah, more posts on the way and we’ll be featuring nekkidness! Also I’m heading to a Porn Convention in June so that should make for some good posting :))

Now on to the dumps. This weekend one would make you think I was out drinking. Kinda falls into fluffy and machine gun dumps. I really gotta change my diet. All I ever drop are fluffy dumps. Strange thing is I’ve had some nice healthy loafs I just keep forgetting to bring my camera.

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