Tsawwassen Agreement

agreement is reached in the agreement under Clause 4. 27. After the subsequent end of the collaborative negotiations or a necessary facilitated process with respect to a disagreement resulting from a provision in this agreement that a case is “definitely decided by arbitration”, disagreement upon notification of a notification by a party directly involved in the discord will be referred to all parties covered in Appendix P-6 and , and finally settled by an arbitration procedure in accordance with this appendix. 2. Unless otherwise stated, the participating parties may agree to amend a procedural requirement contained in this chapter or Appendix P, as it applies to a particular disagreement. b. to obtain an injunction or injunction that is available by other means until the disagreement is resolved under this chapter. 33. When the Minister creates a designated wildlife species, British Columbia and Tsawwassen First Nation will negotiate and attempt to reach agreement on the allocation of designated wildlife. 46. If an arbitrator determines the fundamental right to harvest for a species, the Minister and Tsawwassen First Nation attempt to reach an agreement as soon as possible on the allocation of Tsawwassen for that species.

15. If a Tsawwassen artifact discovered before Tsawwassen Lands enters or is under Canadian control, Canada may lend or transfer this artifact from Tsawwassen to Tsawwassen First Nation, pursuant to an agreement negotiated between Tsawwassen First Nation and Canada. “neutral,” any person appointed to assist the parties in resolving a disagreement and, with the exception of paragraph 23 of the dispute resolution chapter and Appendix P – 4, an arbitrator; 33. Subject to clauses 34 and 35 or an agreement under Clause 32, Tsawwassen First Nation, if it makes a written request to British Columbia, will discuss, if necessary, the impact of the legislation or regulations of 28. After the subsequent end of collaborative negotiations or a necessary facilitation process, in the event of disagreement, with the exception of a disagreement within the meaning of Clause 27, and with the written consent of all parties directly involved in the disagreement, the disagreement is referred to arbitration proceedings in accordance with Appendix P-6 and ultimately resolved by arbitration. 42. Tsawwassen First Nation may obtain delegated authority by agreement, including a legislative decision. 61. The parties will negotiate and attempt to reach agreement on the information that will be included in the protocol presented in 58.c d.d.

in order to resolve disputes in a non-contradictory, collaborative and informal atmosphere.