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Critter Dumps


Ok, sorry for delayed posting.  Prolly only gonna be able to post every few days until I find some more folks to write for the site.  Also, heading out to San Francisco tonight to the Cybernet Expo show so won’t

Working Weekend

Sorry behind on posting. Didn’t go out, didn’t party, didn’t do shit last weekend but work. Our site has desperately needed a redesign since we launched it (a year ago). The biggest hurtle was writing all the text for

The Weekend That Was!

Damn, last weekend was rough! First I worked nights all week so my schedule was all fooked. Then my friend Ash had a “surprise” birthday party Saturday night. It was at our old condo (pix at where I hadn’t

iPhone Paperweight

I love hacking things. I’m not a hacker and I don’t hack my electronics for the “joy” of making them do things they weren’t intended to do. I do, on the other hand, love figuring out how to hack stuff Rides Again!

What?  A year and a half between posts is too long?  Yeah, I know, I suck.  SO MUCH has happened in the past year an a half.  Finally got my shit together (heh) enough to start posting here again.  More