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The new office has the worst shitter EVER!

So last post we discussed shitters in Japan. This time let’s talk about the “thrones” in the Philippines. First, if it’s a public shitter, you’ll never have to worry about getting bitched out for leaving the seat down, because THERE

I’m so pissed at myself, and so proud.

So I’m torn. I finally wrote a decent post (see below). Like a good long one that I felt was an entertaining read. I was so proud of it I put it up on the home page of Problem

Getting “Settled” In Manila

Since I’m going not to be back in the US of A until mid-April, I had to hit my favorite taco stand before I left San Diego. La Post Latina has the best fucking carne asada on earth. In true

GF Gets Into The Act!

I knew it would happen. She acted grossed out at first. But I kept taking her to DailyDumps to help her learn how to build her own site ( Today is proud day. Just as I was heading to the

The Two Day Hangover

Man, you know you’re getting old when your hangovers last several days. I felt like ass all day yesterday. This morning after drinking my morning latte I had to literally run to the throne. The dump above is both a