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Critter Dumps


Ok, sorry for delayed posting.  Prolly only gonna be able to post every few days until I find some more folks to write for the site.  Also, heading out to San Francisco tonight to the Cybernet Expo show so won’t

The Weekend That Was!

Damn, last weekend was rough! First I worked nights all week so my schedule was all fooked. Then my friend Ash had a “surprise” birthday party Saturday night. It was at our old condo (pix at where I hadn’t

Iron Man=Not So Solid Morning Dump

Last night I decided to go check out the new Iron Man movie, in celebration of the re-launching of this wondrous shithole site. You see, as a child my favorite superhero just so happened to be the armored Avenger. Now

Monday in Manila – Nasty Dump and Musings on Japanese Toilettes

Good Morning. Well at least good morning to anyone in Asia. Most of you readers are probably enjoying your Sunday evening. Not me. It’s 8AM Monday morning over here. I’m heading into work. Sucks. What’s worse? Monday Night Football comes

Getting “Settled” In Manila

Since I’m going not to be back in the US of A until mid-April, I had to hit my favorite taco stand before I left San Diego. La Post Latina has the best fucking carne asada on earth. In true