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Excercise: good for your body, bad for your ass

The last time I tried working out the results were disastrous.  Wound up with the grossest post on this site. So I was a bit worried about starting to get in shape again.  But the woman has been going to

Hershey Squirts, a retrospective.

So my home machine died a couple weeks ago.  Got to hot in the Philippines in the room I kept it running 24/7 in (as a media server) and the primary Western Digital 500GIG drive melted.  My MIS guy Gerald

I Don’t Beat Animals, I Tenderize Them…

*I got a message from Marc this morning saying he was too pooped to, well, POOP, so he asked me to thrill your minds in his stead.* Happy Mondays, shitheads! I was looking through my Yahoo! account this morning, and

This Is What Happens When You Work Out!

So, first my most humble apologies. I’m 10 days late on posting. Things have been CRAZY over here in Manila. The goverment here doesn’t take two kindly to dirty pornographers. The agency that investigates whether or not people with internet