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Critter Dumps


Ok, sorry for delayed posting.  Prolly only gonna be able to post every few days until I find some more folks to write for the site.  Also, heading out to San Francisco tonight to the Cybernet Expo show so won’t

Today’s Letter is S!

I seem to be getting in the habit of posting on Mondays or Tuesdays.  Good news over the weekend, turns out Brian wasn’t full of shit when he said he was going to start posting.  Well, he was but not

Sick as hell today, bad shwarma!

Man, I’m dying tonight. Think I had bad shwarma which is depressing because I love the stuff. Ten minutes after eating I started having major cramps and I felt like a jet pack was lodged in my ass because I

Hallelujah! Healthy Loaf!

I don’t know what’s been going on with my body lately but something hasn’t been right. Until today it had been over a week since I dropped a nice normal loaf. Could be I’ve been working too much. Could be

Off To Manila!!

Aight, so I’m leaving in a couple hours to drive to Los Angeles to hop a plane to Manila. Gonna be a long trip and will take a bit to get settled so I’m sure I’ll miss a post or