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Working Weekend

Sorry behind on posting. Didn’t go out, didn’t party, didn’t do shit last weekend but work. Our site has desperately needed a redesign since we launched it (a year ago). The biggest hurtle was writing all the text for

Typhoon Durian Coming My Way, And I Think My Ass Is Getting Armed and Dangerous.

So I sit here in my condo and relish the aircon (local parlance for A.C. / Air-Conditioning). I enjoy the fact that I have electricity to run my laptop, TV, x-box, etc. I enjoy that the elevator works. I enjoy

Ratta Tat Tat, Where’s The T.P. At?

And here we have our first example of the Machine Gun Dump! They rapid fire rattle out of your ass and threaten to shake you off the seat! This particular example came into existence around 2AM this morning and was