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Excercise: good for your body, bad for your ass

The last time I tried working out the results were disastrous.  Wound up with the grossest post on this site. So I was a bit worried about starting to get in shape again.  But the woman has been going to

Dropping Bombs on a Golf Course

So a couple weeks ago my friends Rick and Ryan came into town.  We went up to Angeles to play some golf.  For a 3rd world country the fuckchops running the course were SO FUCKING full of themselves.  First they

Friday Night Warm Up

It’s Monday and I’m feeling slightly guilty for taking so long to post. kinda implies daily posts. But, believe it or not a guy that bothers to put up a blog of his poop production does in fact have

It was a Soft Serve Morning

While I haven’t had ice cream in a while, my ass had chocolate soft serve in mind. My morning routine is simple. I wake up, make a latte and pop in some nicotene gum. I wake up my woman, we