Working Weekend

Sorry behind on posting. Didn’t go out, didn’t party, didn’t do shit last weekend but work. Our site has desperately needed a redesign since we launched it (a year ago). The biggest hurtle was writing all the text for

Hershey Squirts, a retrospective.

So my home machine died a couple weeks ago.  Got to hot in the Philippines in the room I kept it running 24/7 in (as a media server) and the primary Western Digital 500GIG drive melted.  My MIS guy Gerald

The Weekend That Was!

Damn, last weekend was rough! First I worked nights all week so my schedule was all fooked. Then my friend Ash had a “surprise” birthday party Saturday night. It was at our old condo (pix at where I hadn’t

I Don’t Beat Animals, I Tenderize Them…

*I got a message from Marc this morning saying he was too pooped to, well, POOP, so he asked me to thrill your minds in his stead.* Happy Mondays, shitheads! I was looking through my Yahoo! account this morning, and

Mobile Poo and Site Improvements

Well, we finally got around to upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.  Now we can install plugins and other cool new functionality.  You’ll notice the Share links below each post now.  Please do use them!  Everyone on Facebook needs