Submit Your Poo Pics!

I started this site on a whim but apparently I’m not the only one who takes pictures of what I leave floating in the bowl. I’ve had a few people express interest in submitting their content. Fuck yeah! Less work for me!

Email Me At Marc AT Marc Womack d0t COM

Duh. Haven’t figured out many formal rules for submissions yet. For sure, NO SCAT! I don’t think poo is sexual (other than that one time my ex-gf shat on me during anal sex session but that was an accident and NOT a turn on). Also after finally receiving a few submissions I have one more rule: you must write some text about the pics. I don’t enjoy having to write about other people’s poo for some strange reason.

Other than that, submit anything you want. It doesn’t have to absolutely be a pic of your dump. Like I’ve got some toilet-related stuff I’m posting soon. I discovered traditional Japanese toilets are ALL kinds of different so I’ll be putting up an article about that.

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